Derek joined the human factors team as a consultant in 2019. He is helping grow Team Consulting’s capabilities for applying HF into development projects, including how we integrate HF into projects and how we apply HF principles into device development. Derek is also responsible for the planning and implementation of user studies for medical devices. He is involved with drug delivery projects, as well as those in the surgical and MedTech sectors.

“Interacting with and understanding people is the best part of my job: people are weird and funny and they are fascinating to observe and understand. As an HF consulant I get to take new products to people and then take those observations to improve people’s experience and safety when using medical devices.”

Derek has been a human factors practitioner for over 10 years, and has spent the past 7 years focusing on medical devices and applying HF into development projects. His previous roles include human factors positions in UK medical device and consumer products consultancies. He graduated with an MSc in Human Factors from Loughborough University and also holds an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Manchester.

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