As a consultant in the Front End Innovation team, Lara focuses on the strategic directions of early-stage medical device design and development. On any project, Lara’s job is to build up a comprehensive understanding of the market, the technology and most importantly, the needs of patients and clinicians. This aims to help inform design requirements and product strategy. She conducts various market and user research methods in addition to innovation workshops and UX mapping sessions to achieve the best possible product development plans.

“It’s exciting to work on so many kinds of devices, from remote monitoring to diagnostics, drug delivery and surgery. It means constantly learning and collaborating with teams who are also striving to expand their expertise. It’s a great challenge to define product directions that are well-informed by such interdisciplinary perspectives.”

“It’s wonderful to see what great results can come from asking the right questions and thoughtfully support people to evaluate assumptions about a product’s requirements. This thorough approach at Team Consulting shows a real commitment to go beyond designing devices that work and really prioritising quality of life and experience.”

“I’m particularly interested in connected devices and the nuances of translating data into something not only clinically interpretable, but that also supports consistent decision-making. It’s humbling to remember how sensitive we are to seemingly small design differences and how impactful the structured integration of technology can be. As a neuropsychologist, I aim to bring cognitive and behavioural science principles to my work to ensure careful consideration of how patients and clinicians engage with health-tech and process health data.”

Before joining Team, Lara worked in user research and product strategy roles in digital health. She also brings experience in biomedical research, having published works investigating the clinical application of AI software tools that analyse brain MRI scans to support the diagnosis of dementia. Lara holds an MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology from Leiden University and a BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University.

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