Chris is part of our design team. His job as a user experience designer is to create beautiful, intuitive digital design to solve interaction problems between people and products. Team Consulting’s breadth of project work leads to a diverse range of contexts and digital applications within the medical world, including both patient and caregiver-oriented challenges. Chris believes an iterative and collaborative design process is essential to delivering thoughtful user-centred solutions across this spectrum.

“I’m fascinated with all aspects of design; I think we all are at Team. It’s difficult to associate exclusively with one specific area when there are so many touch points that collectively build your relationship with a product and determine the success of a design solution. It’s part of the job to be relentlessly curious.”

“One of the great things about Team is that it doesn’t feel like we’re designing for medical in a conventional sense. There’s often a disparity in the way consumer products and medical products are conceived; in reality, the people we’re designing for are the same, with the same high-level needs and aspirations.”

“I’m very lucky to be able to design solutions and experiences for the uniquely compelling use cases found within a medical context. It brings an extra sense of responsibility, and with it extra drive to deliver great things. It’s fantastic to share these motivations with an inspiring team who fixate on perfecting details across all aspects of an experience.”

Before joining Team, Chris worked in a handful of creative roles focused on graphic design, print and packaging, and UX projects. He graduated in 2017 with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University.

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