Chris is part of our industrial design team, working on a variety of physical products but also getting heavily involved with digital UI/UX challenges as they become ever more prominent in the medical design space. Having previously completed a selection of projects aimed at tackling various aspects of people’s health and wellbeing, Chris has long aspired to a purposeful and varied design role within a medical environment.

“I’m fascinated with all aspects of design; in fact I think we all are at Team. It’s difficult to associate with only one specific area when there are so many touch points that collectively build your relationship with a product and determine the success of a design solution. It’s part of the job to be relentlessly curious.”

“One of the great things about Team is that it often doesn’t feel like we’re designing for medical in a conventional sense. There’s often an unwelcome disparity in the way consumer products and medical products are conceived, when really the people we’re designing for are the same, with the same high-level needs and aspirations.”

“I’m very lucky to be able to design solutions and experiences for the uniquely compelling use cases found within a medical context. It somehow brings an extra sense of responsibility, and with it an extra drive to deliver great things. It’s fantastic to share these motivations with an inspiring team who aim to perfect details across all aspects of an experience.”

Chris has worked in a creative environment since the age of 17, after finding his way into a graphic design team in his home town of Congleton to fill the time around coursework demands. Having graduated in 2017 from Loughborough University with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology, Chris also completed a placement year focusing on packaging design and innovation, and joins Team from a user interface and experience design role in London-based consultancy ClearPeople.