Charlotte is a senior consultant within the project management group at Team Consulting. She joined Team in 2012 to combine her project management, business development and human factors skills within our multi-disciplined teams. Charlotte has a proven track-record of managing projects to deliver a wide range of medical devices.

Her work is typically focused on managing the strategic and creative ‘front-end’ of the product development process and she utilises her design research, facilitation skills and knowledge of innovation techniques to understand the needs of the market, determine strategic direction and plan and run creative and direction setting workshops. This ensures the creation of innovative but realistic solutions, which when integrated into Team’s user-centred development processes results in delivering ‘the right devices’.


“I am fascinated by the interaction between humans and medical devices and I thoroughly enjoy using my skills as part of a wider team to create some truly innovative solutions which satisfy a real clinical need. I can speak both clinical and engineering languages and I find it really inspiring to immerse myself within the clinical and patient environments to truly understand the problems and motivations of the end users. Having this understanding means I can manage a process to come up with creative solutions that will really make a difference.”

“Team is a really exciting place to work. There are really interesting projects to be part of and it’s a really creative environment. It’s great to be surrounded by like-minded people who all share a common goal of developing truly innovative devices which will really transform people’s lives.”

Charlotte has experience working with medical devices in clinical, start-up and consultancy environments. She joined Team from Sagentia, where she worked for six years and before that worked for the NHS, Nexan and Ranier Technology. Her experience ranges from early stage direction setting and concept generation, to full development, of a wide range of devices such as patient monitoring and cardiac assist devices, surgical instrumentation and parenteral and inhaled drug delivery devices. Charlotte studied medical engineering and has a BEng (Hons) from Cardiff University and an MSc (Hons) from Kings College London.