Charlotte is Head of Front End Innovation at Team Consulting – focused on helping clients set off on the right path in the early stages of product development. Her goal is to ensure that all opportunities are uncovered and considered early on, to prevent the wrong product to be developed too late in a costly development. She is an experienced project manager and facilitator, guiding clients through both difficult strategic decisions and encouraging creative thinking through the facilitation of innovation workshops. Charlotte has a wealth of experience in contextual/design research and many innovation tools under her belt to help navigate through the fuzzy front end of product development.

“I really enjoy helping clients work through those difficult early stages of a development programme where the opportunities are unknown or yet to be defined, requirements aren’t clear and different people have different objectives and opinions trying to pull the programme in one way or another. We believe the key to successful innovation is understanding not only your customer needs, motivations and behaviours, but also your commercial aspirations, your competitors, and what technical and regulatory considerations need to be made. I love nothing more than getting people from all different parts of the business together to balance these inputs and find a way forward.”

“In recent years we have developed some of our rapid innovation tools such as implementing Design Sprint methodology into early stage medical device development. We have also found that clients have wanted to work more collaboratively in these early stage projects and this has been a refreshing change for us and one we have really embraced. And of course – since lockdown, we have been evolving the way we help our clients with strategy and innovation remotely. We’ve increased our skills and tools for remote collaboration for strategic workshops, gathering market insights and running innovation workshops which has been highly successful.”

“I have been extremely privileged in my time at Team to have worked with groups of highly skilled individuals, both at Team and on the client side – all experts in their field – and who I know I can count on to provide strategic, creative and technical input and guidance to the projects that I run.”

Charlotte has a BEng in Integrated Engineering and a MSc in Medical Engineering and Physics. She has worked in the medical devices industry for over 20 years in clinical, research, start-up and consultancy environments.

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