Julia is a senior engineering consultant with a pragmatic, risk-based product development approach to deliver robust, reliable, cost effective engineering solutions across a variety of client projects.

Julia’s breadth and depth of experience throughout the product development lifecycle allows her to work seamlessly across different phases from concept through to industrialisation. Julia is a certified SolidWorks Professional and has been using industry standard CAD packages (Creo, SDRC I-deas, SolidWorks) since 1997 to develop innovative mechanical design solutions optimised for mass production.

“I’ve always been naturally inquisitive and interested to understand how things work. I find medical product development particularly rewarding not only for the technical challenges with complex mechanisms and essential user-centred design, but also for the opportunity to apply my product development skills to really make a difference to a person’s life.”

“Working at Team Consulting offers diversity as a consultancy and is a great opportunity to be part of a talented, multi-disciplined development team who are all very passionate about what they do. Our open and honest culture not only builds great working relationships with clients but also encourages creativity and collaboration across specialised areas to develop robust solutions, finding a subtle balance between the patient’s needs, technology and commercial drivers.”

Julia has a BSc (Hons) degree in Engineering Product Design with over 20 years’ experience working in-house for blue-chip multi-nationals and a number of London-based consultancies covering the consumer, medical, FMCG and industrial sectors. She is a named inventor on several patents and is particularly passionate about innovation, mechanisms and developing technical solutions.

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