As a graduate mechanical engineer at Team Consulting, Care is involved in a variety of engineering activities throughout the medical device development process.

“I have always considered engineering as a tool to improve the quality of human life, which is why medical device development is a field I’ve keenly wanted to be a part of.”

“Having studied general engineering, the multi-disciplinary nature of medical device engineering was something I found both appealing and fascinating. This is due to the dynamics of how different technical fields engage with one another to produce one complete, integrated product.”

Care graduated from the University of Cambridge with a master’s in mechanical and bioengineering where she worked on several projects. These included medical monitors, an add-on device to speed up and streamline data collection and a pneumatically actuated soft robot. For her master’s final project, she developed a hybrid soft robotic gripper used to handle tissue samples used in histopathology. Before joining Team, she interned at Autodesk as a technical consultant, where she designed a display to showcase a car’s suspension system and gained experience in CNC machining and toolpath generation.

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