Max is an Applied Science Consultant at Team Consulting where he focuses on translating complex scientific problems into functional medical technology and devices. His work often sits at the intersection of many distinct fields, to which he brings a broad multidisciplinary background, including surface chemistry, functional materials and microfluidics.

“We all dream of making the world a better place and everyone at Team is working towards that goal. There are constant advancements in technology in the medical device sector and it is a privilege to innovate within that space.”

“We are driven to develop medical devices from fundamental science through to clinical application. Our clients always see the breadth of skill and talent we have at Team that can make their projects happen. My expertise is in the detail. I like to drill down to the heart of a problem, then understand and answer the fundamental questions around the technology.”

Max has a PhD in Molecular Scale Engineering from the University of Sheffield, where he worked on the fabrication of arrays of plasmonic aluminium nanostructures and their use as biosensors. He has previously worked on enzymatic DNA synthesis technology and its incorporation into microfluidic bioreactors.

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