Natalie is a product design engineer by training, but her main focus and passion lies in user centred design. She typically leads the usability engineering workstream on medical device development programmes, helping translate the users’ perspective at all stages of development. This includes identifying new opportunities and generating concepts at the early stages of development, through to assessing use related risk and evaluating the usability of the final user interface. Natalie’s engineering and design background gives her an appreciation of the technical development challenges and enables her to collaborate effectively across the development team.

“I am passionate about representing the users’ perspective throughout the development process to ensure that the original design intent is not lost in translation. Good design involves thinking about the way that users experience and interact with products from the outset and as the design evolves ensuring that we continue to develop the right product whilst ensuring the optimum outcome across all disciplines”.

Natalie joined Team in 2012. She has over 15 years of consulting experience in technology consultancies and has conducted hundreds of user research sessions around the world for a broad range of consumer and medical devices. She graduated from the University of Glasgow with a BEng Honours degree in Product Design Engineering, before completing a Master’s degree in Design, Management and Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge.

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