David is a Senior Industrial Design Consultant at Team Consulting, with over 30 years of product development experience gained in consultancies, multinational corporations, and academic institutions around the world.

He is an enthusiastic, hands-on designer who has brought numerous products to market from their inception through to production. David has an appetite for ethnography and insight-gathering, helping to create designs which deliver the best possible user experience.

“My international experience has helped to give me an outside-in approach to design, and I’m fascinated by observing human behaviour to identify opportunities for innovation.”

“After spending the majority of my career in consumer-facing design and development, I am keen to direct my energy and experience towards the medical sector. I am motivated to collaborate with like-minded professionals to design products which have a positive impact on people’s lives. It’s inspiring to be part of this team where we share the same values and work towards our common goal.”

David has a proven track record of leading diverse design projects on a global scale, ranging from scuba equipment and architectural lighting to transforming a full-line international appliance brand. He has established international design consultancies, identified opportunities for behavioural change through ethnographic research, and successfully led multicultural research and design teams in developing commercially successful products.

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