Kay is a senior consultant in the human factors/user research group, responsible for the management, planning and integration of human factors (HF) within the product development process, from early exploratory work all the way through to validation.

“Usability is core to any device. In years gone past this premise used to be something I had to push and convince people of, but not any longer. The tide has beautifully turned, with the help of regulatory focus on HF and users realising they don’t have to accept poorly designed products. The foundation of our work is about ensuring medical devices are safe and usable by the intended users in their context of use. However, the ideal is to take this further into beneficial user experience and ultimately improving compliance. This requires detailed understanding of the users and use scenarios to be interwoven into design decisions from the start of the device development programme.”

“What I enjoy most about my role is the diversity of the challenge, finding the design solutions that best satisfy the interplay between the commercial, user, cost and technical requirements. Another aspect which is essential to my role, and a privilege, is the diversity of the people I interact with, users of all walks of life, clients and colleagues from all disciplines and the diversity of activities from the empirical to the analytical.”

“A long-standing personal and professional interest of mine is understanding capability loss from a physical and emotional perspective and its impact on people’s lives, behaviours and decisions. Understanding and designing for inclusion has been a core part of much of the work I have undertaken over the years from focusing on and addressing specific user challenges to exploring population exclusion to aid strategic decision making. This is especially relevant in the area of drug delivery devices and I relish the opportunity to spend more time with users trying to understand and manage their varying capability challenges.”

Kay brings over 25 years’ of experience in user research to Team. During this time she has managed and contributed to a diverse range of projects across medical, consumer and telecoms sectors, including arterial closure devices and ambulatory pumps, CT/MRI imaging and robotic surgery, oral care and digital TV. Kay has a degree in Product Design Engineering from the University of Glasgow and a post-graduate certificate from the University of Cambridge in Design, Manufacture and Management.