Michael is a member of Team’s electronics and software group, working principally on embedded software development, and additionally on electronics and sensor-based projects.

“My role at team allows me to make a significant contribution to the healthcare technology sector and thus play a part in meeting patients’ needs, which is a massive motivator for me.

“Team provides the resources required to find sophisticated technological solutions to a wide range of problems encountered by the human body. With technology advancing rapidly, and the vast and amazing complexity of the human body, I believe I am very privileged to be working in such an interesting sector.”

“The problems are not all simple, so I am extremely grateful to be part of a team of highly skilled people from different disciplines who can share their experience to find effective solutions.”

Before joining Team in March 2012, Michael gained five years’ experience as a medical electronics engineer at Maltron International Ltd., where he was responsible for their range of portable Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) devices. During this time he earned an MSc in Medical Electronics and Physics from Queen Mary University of London.

Before working at Maltron, he worked for the MHRA for nine months after graduating in 2005 with a MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with study in France, from the University of Bristol.

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