Ben is responsible for the management, planning and implementation of human factors and user research working directly with clients, or as part of Team’s product development process. Ben works at all project stages with a focus on user interaction and the examination of device use safety and effectiveness; from conducting analytical assessments, through to explorative evaluations and usability validation.

Ben’s motivations

“Working with Team allows me to draw from the experience I’ve gained across a diverse range of roles in healthcare technology research and innovation, but also reflects my passion for user participation in product development. I really enjoy the interplay between disciplines at Team and always love developing ideas with real users, no matter what they have to say about them.”

“During my PhD studies, I was exposed to elements of human-system interaction and task design and it was then that I became acutely aware of the impact that medical device innovation will have upon people’s lives, whether it be their clinical practice or their daily medication regimen. It’s essential to involve those people who will ultimately be the adopters.”

“Improving people’s quality of life through design is incredibly rewarding and drives us to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. It’s fantastic to work in a creative way whilst also being firmly grounded by the rigour of medical device development. I’m excited to be part of one the leading human factors groups in medical device development right now.”

Ben’s experience

Prior to joining Team, Ben worked as a human factors consultant at PDD, and for an assistive technology consultancy in London, where he led a programme of work using an ergonomics and human factors approach to inform the design of varied products for SME and multinational clients.

He has also worked as a clinical scientist and design engineer in the NHS and conducted extensive research for DePuy Johnson & Johnson. Ben has a BEng degree from Cardiff University and an MSc and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Leeds.