Ben Cox is Head of Digital Health at Team Consulting, working with a cross-functional group of strategists, designers, user experience specialists and developers to craft intuitive interfaces and optimise the user experience of digital devices. With a background in human factors and user-centred design, Ben focuses on evidence-based UX from product vision to the deployment of high value solutions.

“Working with Team allows me to draw from the experience I’ve gained across a diverse range of roles in healthcare technology research and innovation, but also reflects my passion for user participation in product development.”

“Early in my career, I was exposed to elements of human-system interaction and task design and it was then that I became acutely aware of the impact that medical device innovation and user experience will have upon people’s lives, whether it be their clinical practice or their daily medication regimen. It’s essential to involve those people who will ultimately be the adopters.”

“We are entering a data-driven health era. Digital technologies are ever-present and as designers and developers, we strive to help our clients ensure their products and services address genuine unmet needs, and ultimately achieve better patient outcomes.”

“There are many advantages to bringing a user-centred design approach throughout the design lifecycle. Ultimately though, it’s Team’s culture of mutual respect which makes this way of working possible and crucially we continue to see this positive impact become most apparent in interactions between our designs and end users.”

Since joining Team in 2011, Ben has worked on a broad range of drug delivery, surgical and diagnostic devices, several of which have been successfully launched in the US and Europe. Most recently, he led the design and development of a simple and robust interface for a connected point-of-care diagnostic platform. Ben has previously worked in a number of design consultancy roles in London, as a clinical scientist and design engineer in the NHS, and has conducted extensive research for DePuy Johnson & Johnson. He has a BEng degree from Cardiff University and an MSc and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Leeds.

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