Cara is a medical devices consultant within the electronics and software group at Team. She is involved in client development projects across all stages of device development, from the earliest concept phases, requirements definition and prototyping, right through to testing and manufacture. Cara is also involved in the regulatory aspects of development programmes.

“Working solely in the medical sector is really exciting, as I’m able to impact people’s lives and improve them with new technologies, or old technologies applied in new and innovative ways.”

“Taking my previous multi-sector experience and focusing on medical is great, especially as everyone at Team has the same focus. We all understand the challenges and benefits that working in a highly regulated sector can bring.”

Cara has an MEng in Engineering for the Life Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Before joining Team, she spent 5 years working in local technology consultancy PA Consulting as a Medical Software Engineer. She also spent a year working directly with clinicians, leading technical projects, at Addenbrooke’s Hospital within the Clinical Engineering Innovation team.