MedTech Strategist is live – let’s talk start-ups!

Team Consulting

Company update

The MedTech Strategist Virtual Innovation Summit starts today and we’re looking forward to meeting early stage start-ups and investors who are looking to develop their next award-winning MedTech product.

Steve Blatcher, Head of Early Stage MedTech, will be online throughout the event to discuss your challenges and how Team Consulting can support you in your device development.

Find out how we have helped other start-ups develop award-winning devices:

TympaHealth – the world’s first all-in-one hearing health assessment system

OrganOx – a world-first system that keeps transplant livers alive

ProFibrix – a ground-breaking surgical device which led to the start-up being fully acquired for $240M

Whether you’re looking to develop a device from concept to industrialisation,  or have specific questions about regulations, design verification and more, get in touch with Steve to find out how we can help.