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One of Team’s award-winning MedTech product developments has been featured on a new BBC documentary series. OrganOx metra is a world-first system that keeps transplant livers alive for surgery, and recently featured on ‘Surgeons: At the Edge of Life, Episode 3: The Pioneers’.

As described by the BBC, this series tracks ground-breaking “clinical trials at the vanguard of medicine”, asking what it is like to take part in this kind of experimental treatment, for both surgeons and patients.

In this episode, the film describes the importance of tackling liver disease and increasing the number of livers available for vital transplants: “There is a shortage of organ donors and many donated organs are rejected as only those in excellent condition are considered suitable for a transplant procedure.”


The documentary shows the OrganOx metra system being used in a clinical study designed to test the viability of transplantation of marginal livers. Otherwise potentially “rejected” livers are resuscitated using Normothermic Machine Liver Perfusion (NMLP) and are assessed for viability prior to transplant.

One of the surgeons working at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Richard Laing, endorses OrganOx’s simply designed user-interface, by stating “it’s colour coded… nice and simple for surgeon’s like myself.”

The documentary “follows the trial every step of the way, as Richard [the surgeon] receives a donor liver that would usually be rejected and tries to prove it is viable for transplant by rejuvenating and testing it on a perfusion machine. This machine sustains the liver by mimicking the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients an organ receives inside a live, healthy human body. Once the donor liver has proved itself fit for transplant, the surgical team start to remove grandmother Connie O’Driscoll’s severely diseased liver.”

Connie sums up the efficacy of OrganOx stating, “Without that machine I wouldn’t have received this liver. I’m looking forward to a future… those two words, a future, say it all.”

OrganOx Metra system

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→ The documentary is available in the UK on BBC iPlayer until February 20th: (See OrganOx in action at the 18 minute mark)