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08 Nov 2021 3min read

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As the world follows COP26 closely for the next steps in tackling climate change, World Quality Week is also taking place from the 8th-15th November under the theme of sustainability. Read our thoughts on sustainable medical device development and what it means for Team Consulting below.

“Balancing the health of the patient with the health of the planet is a huge challenge in medical device design. We are making gains by developing devices that are easier to use, meaning that drugs can be self-administered at home. This results in less hospital or doctor visits, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint. But single use and predominantly plastic drug delivery devices such as injection pens and inhalers remain a very visible aspect of waste. If we want more sustainable medical devices and less plastic waste in the next 10 years, we need to start developing them right now.”

Brennan Miles, Managing Consultant, Drug Delivery

Brennan Miles, sustainability quote

“We have a moral responsibility to support sustainability when designing and developing medical devices and help our clients achieve this. This is how I believe Team can make the most impact on the environmental footprint of medical devices. How our business conducts itself and expects its suppliers to behave is fundamentally important, that’s why integrity is one of Team’s core values. Sustainability should be something we all think about on a daily basis and should be seen as an opportunity area.”

Sarah Mardle, QA Director

Sarah Mardle, sustainability quote

“As an employee-owned business, we have always striven to act sustainably across our business, from commercial risk and robustness, and environmentally in the products we develop and our world class people policies. Our focus now is to establish a more formal framework to raise awareness and increase our ability to monitor and improve further.”

Colin Mathews, Chief Operating Officer

Colin Mathews sustainability quote

“Focusing on sustainability as an organisation and in what we design for our clients is clearly now a commercial imperative. However, developing a sustainable future is and has always been at the heart of Team’s core values. Effectively achieving sustainable medical devices is a significant challenge. It will demand creativity, collaboration and a deep understanding of all aspects of device development, from engineering and design to systems thinking and behavioural change. Team is perfectly placed to explore all these aspects and determine how we can work alongside our clients, suppliers and health organisations to work towards a more sustainable medical device industry.”

Kay Sinclair, Senior Consultant

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