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Iain Ansell has recently joined Team as Head of Surgical. With over 30 years of experience in developing products across diverse business sectors, we are delighted to have Iain leading and developing the surgical arm of our business.

Iain has a strong background and experience in surgical, having most recently worked as Head of Surgical at Sagentia. Commenting on his new role, Iain says “Team has such a breadth of background and experience in terms of people, and I’ll be highlighting our capabilities to the wider world – those that have heard of us and those that haven’t. We’re in a good place regarding our skills and experience to help companies develop surgical products, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”


We also picked Iain’s brain on current and future trends in surgical:


“One trend that’s unavoidable is robotics – it garners a huge amount of excitement and interest in the medical device development industry, and around surgery in particular.

“It’s a trend that I can see continuing apace as new companies bring products to trial and eventually to market.


“The use of powered and more intelligent surgical devices is also on the rise, and I think the creation of more usable and intelligent instruments, through use of sensing and electronics, is one that will continue.

surgical-device-profibrix-team-consulting ProFibrix device in a surgical setting

“In the surgical space devices have traditionally been powered by the hands of surgeons, but we’re now getting to the point where we’ve reached the limitations of human power. Adding batteries and motors to assist surgeons is a logical step, but it’s also possible to add extra functionality. For example, devices that provide specialists with information and feedback from the distal end of instruments.

“It’s a fascinating and constantly advancing area, and I’m looking forward to evolving Team’s offering and capabilities.”

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