Promising MedTech innovations at the OBN awards

Recently, we attended the ninth annual OBN (Oxford Business Network) Awards event at Oxford Town Hall. We are proud members of OBN which has a wide reaching community in the life sciences sector. At this year’s awards, we sponsored the ‘Emerging MedTech’ category, with our founder, Andy Fry, presenting the award to Perspectum Diagnostics. The shortlist for the ‘Emerging MedTech’ award was a seriously competitive category full of incredible companies. We were even seated with Blue Earth Diagnostics, a very interesting shortlisted company, who sadly didn’t win – sorry guys!


It was a great evening where we met with lots of interesting people, including professors, VPs and a number of engineers and scientists at exciting young companies.

The deserving winners, Perspectum Diagnostics, are a promising company who focus on the detection and quantitative measurement of liver, gallbladder and pancreatic disease, including precancerous and cancerous states. Their first clinical product, LiverMultiScan is available for clinical use in Europe and the USA. It was a great evening where we met with lots of interesting people from across the life sciences industry, including professors, VCs, and lots of engineers and scientists from exciting young companies. We are looking forward to seeing how the emerging start-ups we met continue to develop.

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