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Join Team Consulting and other key players in the MedTech start-up ecosystem on the 7th June 2022 to discover what it takes to create a commercially successful product. Book your free place for an afternoon of expert talks, covering everything from securing funding and regulatory approval, to designing a device your users will love.

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Taking an innovative new idea or technology and transforming it into a medical device can be a daunting prospect, especially for new start-ups. From securing funding to meeting regulatory requirements, the path to developing a product is often a challenging one. Luckily, it’s not something you have to face on your own.

Join Team for an afternoon of free webinars designed to help you understand what it takes to bring an award-winning device to market.


Early stage medical device development
Steve Blatcher, Team Consulting

What’s involved in the early stages of medical device development and how do you create an award-winning medical device? Steve Blatcher, Head of Early Stage MedTech, discusses how to save money on your development and ensure you are on the correct pathway.

Investing in early stage healthcare technologies
Martin Taylor, F-Prime Capital

Securing funding is a key concern for all start-ups. Martin Taylor discusses why investors commit funds to companies and how to gain backing.

Protecting your idea and patent strategy
Peter Finnie, Potter Clarkson

What are the keys steps you need to take to secure your IP and patent?

Winning grant money: non-dilutive capital
Nigel Lambert, Movewrite

Writing a grant application is a key way to gain non-dilutive funding for your idea. Nigel Lambert draws on his expertise to highlight how to write a successful grant application.

The path to the right product
Charlotte Harris, Team Consulting

From design sprints to innovation workshops, find out what’s involved in the fast-paced world of Front End Innovation and how it can help set you on the path to the right development.

Designing a product people can and want to use
Paul Greenhalgh, Team Consulting

Good design isn’t just about creating a device that works, it’s about creating one your users will love. Team’s Director of Design, Paul Greenhalgh, discusses how to build effective design into your product to achieve a seamless user experience.

Building in performance engineering
Chris Hurlstone, Team Consulting

Making sure your product is technically robust is a key part of achieving regulatory approval. Chris Hurlstone, Director of Engineering, covers the key steps involved in de-risking your development cycle.

Standards compliance – what do you need to know?
Mark Di Cioccio, Team Consulting

Navigating the world of medical device regulations can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Mark Di Cioccio, Head of Quality Engineering, highlights how to ensure your medical device is regulatory compliant.

Bringing healthcare to the masses
Krishan Ramdoo, Tympa Health

Krishan Ramdoo, CEO of multi award-winning start-up Tympa Health, shares his experiences developing the world’s first all-in-one hearing health device.

Team Consulting's MedTech Bootcamp 7th June 2022

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