Can an algorithm adapt to your lifestyle?

Ben Turner

Previous employee

A few weeks back James Thurlow guest blogged for us on his upcoming ‘Howfast’ challenge. I’m very pleased to report that James finished in just under 4 days. An amazing achievement for someone with type one diabetes and I know how much it meant to hit his personal target of sub 4 days.

It wasn’t plain sailing though. Reading his account of the run on his website and speaking to him en route it became apparent to me that the CSII and CGM system he used was never designed for use whilst running 200 miles. The algorithms used to determine insulin infusion only have historical blood glucose and insulin infusion rate values to base there next calculation on.

To make these devices more enabling and allow diabetics to make lifestyle choices I see the future of closed loop CSII devices needing to monitor biometric data such as heart rate, body temperate, breathing rate along with some learning of how that individual’s physiology reacts to exercise and insulin consumption. Monitoring this biometric data in combination with more advanced algorithms would allow people like James to choose and lead a more active lifestyle.

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