Make it better: the importance of a risk-based approach to DFMA

20 Sep 2011 2min read

Team Discussion

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A risk-based approach to design for manufacture and assembly allows the manufacturer to have greater control over each stage in the production process, which brings with it the assurance that a process will yield its expected return.

Every designer,manufacturer and assembler – no matter the product or sector – wants certainty. Clearly, manufacturers want assurance that the product they have invested time, energy and money into conceiving and designing is going to make it through manufacturing and assembling to market,without added costs or last minute delays. Once the product reaches the market, they want a lean, reliable and safe production process without problems.They are not gamblers and they don’t like risks, especially in the healthcare and life science industries…

You can read more about this risk-based approach in the article that was recently published by PMPS below:

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