How do you design an
award-winning device?

12 Jan 2022 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Since its launch, TympaHealth’s all-in-one hearing health assessment system has won multiple design awards for its innovative features and life-changing impacts. In a recent story for New Design Magazine, we discussed how we helped the company transform their innovative concept into a marketable device.

Read the story here: Democratising hearing healthcare: an award-winning story

TympaHealth came to Team Consulting as start-up company with a medical device concept that was going to revolutionise hearing healthcare. We helped them turn their initial prototype into the world’s first all-in-one hearing health assessment system.

Featuring a portable, smartphone-enabled otoscope used in conjunction with an app, it is the first device of its kind that offers the full ‘ear clinic’ in one place. With high-definition imaging, hearing screening and ear wax removal with microsuction, the device is helping to improve the democratisation of healthcare.

Read more about the device in New Design Magazine here: Democratising hearing healthcare: an award-winning story

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