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07 Jun 2021 4min read

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In 2020 we celebrated as TympaHealth, one of our start-up clients, launched the world’s first all-in-one hearing health assessment system. Shortly after, the novel device was awarded Gold in the internationally recognised UX Design Awards for its innovative design and user experience.

Since then, it’s just kept on winning.


The Tympa System

To date, TympaHealth have secured a UX Design Award Gold, Good Design Award, iF Design Award, RSM Innovation Prize in Otology, two GHP MedTech Awards and the Rowena Ryan ENT Prize.

So why has this device been impressing the design community the world over?


According to the WHO, half a billion people worldwide suffer from hearing loss, however many of them are not recognised and struggle to access care. The Tympa System, a portable smartphone-enabled otoscope, was designed to improve the democratisation of hearing healthcare. It is the first device that offers the full ‘ear clinic’ in one place, making regular check-ups, ear wax removal, hearing screening tests, diagnosing and managing disease more accessible for all, no matter their age, socio-economic background or location.

Tympa system in Cambodia


The device features a simple user interface that allows image capture, data entry and diagnosis to be carried out in the designated smartphone App. Image enhancement is achieved via integrated precision optics, while the ear speculum allows access for a micro-suction probe for ear wax removal.

The Tympa System


Designed for ease of use for both specialist and non-specialist users, the Tympa System has a robust construction, comprising a glass-reinforced chassis and cast aluminium arm to ensure stable optical performance. With balanced weighting, it has an adjustable ergonomic handle designed for practicality and prolonged use, for both left and right-handed users.

The Tympa System


The Tympa System is the world’s first product that offers high-resolution otoscope imaging, microsuction and hearing assessment in a single device. Its affordability and portability mean it can also be used in resource-poor social contexts where hearing care is limited.

The Tympa System

So what’s next for TympaHealth?

We always love to see our clients get the recognition they deserve for their ideas. Being able to support them on their medical device journey from concept to industrialisation is the most rewarding part of our work, although who doesn’t enjoy some champagne and celebration too?

The Tympa System is now being used in the high street pharmacy Boots, as well as in University College London Hospital as part of the first ‘tele-otology’ service in the UK. As they continue on their path towards democratising hearing healthcare, we look forward to see TympaHealth carry on their winning streak.


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