How digital UX in clinical trials can improve measures

13 Jun 2022 2min read

Digital health technologies offer a number of improvements to clinical trials, but implementing them effectively can be challenging. In a new article for ONdrugDelivery, Ben Cox, Head of Digital Design, discusses how adopting a UX approach when designing digital tools can lead to more meaningful measures.

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in decentralisation and the use of digital health technologies (DHTs) for clinical trials. These new tools, devices and apps are offering ongoing improvements to existing trials and have the potential to offer new methods for conducting better trials for the future. When conducting clinical trials, the aim is to measure more meaningful outcomes – but what exactly makes a meaningful product or experience? Increasingly, meaningful outcomes are a primary focus in clinical trials, referring to the aim of gathering data that are going to add value, such as by providing accurate insights into a subject’s symptoms or health. The aim is for these data to lead to better outcomes.

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ONdrugDelivery Article on UX in clinical trials

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