Diabetes Week: getting involved

14 Jun 2016 3min read

This week we are getting involved in Diabetes Week. For the week-long campaign, we hope to join the discussion by sharing a few ideas that could help to address one or more of the challenges identified in our ‘how might we…’ statements from our #T1Dinsights research in issue 9 of Insight magazine.

In the small piece of design research, we learnt from 11 bloggers living with type 1 diabetes about what it’s like to live, manage and cope with T1D on a daily basis. Our research was very high level and set out to discover the more emotional aspects of the condition, rather than looking at direct issues with specific pieces of equipment.

We uncovered a number of insights from our participants, which if addressed, could help make a difference to the lives of those with T1D; not only in the way that it is managed, both practically and emotionally, but also to the public perception of the condition (like the Diabetes UK campaign shown below).


During the week, we will be sharing a few of our insights in a series of updates:

These are not intended to be the only or best possible solution to the challenges, but are instead intended to provoke thought and discussion around what might be possible.

If you have any thoughts, please get in touch with us on Twitter @team_medical.

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