Breathing rate monitor for hospitals


Develop a sensor to measure moisture in a patient’s breath as a means of monitoring respiration rate.

We conducted in-depth user research and used our extensive electronics, software and industrial design experience to bring the sensor concept to a pre-production prototype.

We created a low-cost and portable mask prototype that is simple and fast to use in clinical settings.

Anaxsys had developed a sensor system that could be used to monitor a patient’s respiration rate. The system was novel as it measured the moisture in the user’s breath and could provide a critical early-warning sign when a patient deteriorates, especially after anaesthetic or opioid pain relief.

Anaxsys came to Team as we have an ability to really understand user needs, and combine electronics and software engineering with strong industrial design capabilities.

Our approach

We took the client’s sensor concept, conducted in-depth user research, defined the product specification and then used our expertise in electronics, software and industrial design to develop a power-efficient and intuitive pre-production prototype.


The final product was portable, battery-powered, low-cost and deployable quickly in a clinical setting.

design and development of portable mask for clinical settings

design and development of portable mask for clinical settings

design and development of portable mask for clinical settings

design and development of portable mask for clinical settings

Anaxsys used this design as the basis for prototype devices that were used in clinical trials to obtain CE mark. respiR8™ is marketed in Europe and regulatory approvals are awaited in USA and Japan.

The product has been extremely well received by clinicians in several countries, and clinical use of respiR8™ has demonstrated the impact that respiratory rate counting can have on healthcare around the world.

From our client

“In late 2010, respiR8™ received the CE mark, clearing the way for the product to be sold in Europe. It’s already in use in Switzerland, Spain, Germany and multiple hospitals in the UK. It has also successfully completed trials at several hospitals in Spain, and has regulatory approval for the South African health authorities.”

“We were excited that Team was able take our concept and vision and develop it so effectively into a viable design for a commercial, product.”

Barbara Lead, Commercial and Development Director
Anaxsys Ltd

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