As a senior consultant in the human factors group, Thomas is responsible for the planning, execution and management of user research studies for Team’s clients all over the world. Thomas’ experience ranges from early stage formative evaluations through to summative and actual use studies ahead of FDA review.

“To me good design should be intuitive. I believe design should exploit the natural relationships and constraints of products to ensure they are easy to use, understand and identify when things are about to go wrong. I see my role within human factors as the medium between designers and device users to provide a final product that clearly communicates the right signals at the right time allowing for safe and effective use.”

“As a human factors consultant, I get first-hand experience on the issues and challenges patients and healthcare professionals face in their daily use of medical devices. Designing with these insights in mind informs the delivery of the best possible design solution for our clients. This makes my role incredibly fulfilling, on the understanding that, together with our clients, we can enhance device interactions and ultimately improve a patient’s quality of life.”

Prior to joining Team, Thomas studied for his PhD in Home-Use Medical Device Design at Loughborough University’s Design School. His research explored the methods and challenges for industry in applying user-centred design principles; specifically the involvement of intended users in the design process of home-use medical devices. His research aimed to incentivise the early adoption of user-centred design principles to ensure that devices are safe, usable and meet the needs of their end users.

In addition, Thomas has a BSc in Design with Engineering Materials, also from Loughborough University, and has a Diploma in Industrial Studies (DIS) with Smiths Medical International as a research and development engineer.


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