Jamie is responsible for Team’s device testing capabilities to support all stages of device development projects. He helps ensure Team performs consistently high-quality test work, generates good data, and performs concise, insightful analysis.


Jamie has nearly 20 years of experience in technical consultancy and product development with a common thread of testing and gathering empirical evidence. He has developed expertise in understanding the test requirements and best practices for all manner of medical and consumer products, from Proof of Principle through to formal Design Verification Testing (DVT). He has led several large DVT programmes for respiratory and parenteral drug delivery devices, and surgical products and has established a good working knowledge of statistical analysis of data.

Jamie has built on his experience to develop Team’s device testing capabilities and grow a group of dedicated consultants, technicians, and laboratory managers who, enabled by our specialist laboratories and workshops, can meet any testing challenge.

“Working in medical product development means that every day brings new technical challenges. I am a firm believer in building a solid evidence base, including data gathered through testing. Applying this rigour and extracting meaning from test data is something I have developed a particular interest in over the years. This passion helps me support the device testing group and our project teams deliver the highest standard of test work, in-line with or even exceeding our client’s expectations.”

“Being aware of the potential end-benefits of some of the products Team works on makes my typical day at work both exciting and rewarding.”

Prior to joining Team in 2013, Jamie spent 11 years at Cambridge Consultants where he gained extensive hands-on experience of product development and laboratory testing. He built expertise in a range of ‘industry-standard’ test equipment and techniques as well as innovative test solutions.

Jamie holds a BSc (Hons) in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.