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14 Mar 2012 4min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Team Consulting, renowned experts in medical device design, are excited to announce that they are winners of the 2012 red dot design award for product design, which has just been announced today. The award is for the Revitive IX, a Class IIa medical device that was designed for Actegy Health (formerly High Tech Health). The product was up against over 4,500 products that were also entered into the award, which was judged by 30 international experts.

Actegy Revitive outcome Team-wins-prestigious-red-dot-design-award-machine-xray

The Revitive IX is the next-generation version of Actegy’s flagship ‘Circulation Booster’ and is due for launch in late April 2012. Aimed at people with circulatory disorders, as a result of old age, illness or disability, Revitive IX uses electrical stimulation and an exclusive and proprietary Isorocker system to significantly increase the blood flow in the feet and legs. The outcome of poor circulation can range from discomfort and chronic pain, to leg amputation and even death (if the patient gets a pulmonary embolism due to deep vein thrombosis (DVT)).


Winning this globally recognised award means everything to us” comments Paul Greenhalgh, Director of Design at Team. “Medical devices don’t need to be beige and boring. In fact the look and feel of a product can play a big part in encouraging compliance. With the Revitive IX we’ve proved that you don’t need to talk down to the elderly and sick. They appreciate good design as much as everybody else, but we do need to avoid alienating them through complex user interfaces and technology. With so much of our work shrouded in secrecy, it is great to be able to show the world that through intelligent design we can make things better and to receive the recognition for us and our client.” Josh Penny, Managing Director at Actegy Health is also delighted by the win. “When we embarked on this project with Team our objective was to put some distance between us and the imitation products that were coming onto the market. We recognised that in order to maintain our premium market position we needed to innovate and launch an iconic product that had a strong medical/therapeutic aesthetic but at the same time would appeal to consumers in a retail environment. This award is a massive stamp of approval across what we’ve done.” As with the other red dot winners, the Revitive IX will go on show at the red dot museum in Essen, Germany for the next year, as well as being celebrated at the gala event on July 2nd.

About Actegy Health

At Actegy Health, we believe that everybody deserves to feel positive about their health. We intelligently harness the power of science to bring you innovative and effective home healthcare products, like the Revitive and AeroSure, which are proven to work. We rigorously test our technologically-advanced products through clinical trials and scientific research. We go above and beyond what is deemed necessary, so that you can be confident they will positively impact your health. When we design and develop our products, we ensure that every one is not only intuitively simple to use, but also fits easily into your daily routine. They should never be a chore or a burden. And because we appreciate how debilitating poor health can be, our products are always enjoyable to use too.

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