Breathing monitor that can deliver 45 minute cardiac arrest warning gets European go-ahead

31 May 2011 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

The respiR8™ breathing rate counter for hospitals has received the CE mark, enabling it to be used throughout Europe. The device, from UK-based Anaxsys, is novel as it measures the moisture in a patient’s breath and could transform the way that patients are monitored after anaesthetic or opioid pain relief as it alerts the healthcare professional to respiratory depression. By providing continuous breathing rate monitoring, respiR8™ can give an early warning should a patient deteriorate. A low breathing rate can warn of a respiratory arrest whereas rapid breathing over 27 breaths per minute, provides a warning of a potential cardiac arrest or infection.

The respiR8™ monitor was designed by Team Consulting who helped Anaxsys turn their concept into a fully functional prototype, enabling the company to conduct market research. Team defined the product specification, following in-depth user research, and then used its expertise in software, electronics and industrial design to turn the innovative concept into a power-efficient and intuitive pre-production prototype.

“We are very pleased for everybody at Anaxsys,” said Jerry Turner, CEO at Team. “Their amazing sensor technology and product will save lives, whilst at the same time helping health services to improve patient care and increase efficiency. For us it was a joy to work on as it relied on a wide range of our skills in user research, electronics, software and industrial design.

The respiR8™ is already in use in Switzerland, Germany and at seven hospitals in the UK with a further 34 UK trials planned this year. It has also successfully completed trials at several hospitals in Spain and has received regulatory approval from the South African health authorities. Anaxsys has signed up a European distributor and is looking on introducing the device into Japan and the US next year.

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