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10 Jul 2017 3min read

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Medical device development is all that we do. It’s our passion. We come to work every day to help companies all around the world develop better medical devices, and that gives us a lot of exposure to what’s relevant and important in medical device design.

Twice a year we share our insights so that we can help spread our knowledge. We’ve collated our latest thoughts and shared them in our aptly named magazine, Insight. Get your copy of issue 12 for free here.


There are eight articles which feature points of view from our engineers, human factors experts, industrial designers, project managers, quality assurance managers and scientists. Paul and guest author Cécile consider whether the aesthetics of a medical device can improve usability, Jess takes a look at the development of vaccinations since the 1700s and Carl, the first of our new contributors, considers how we can apply ‘Agile Thinking’ to medical device design. Hannah has also written her first article for Insight, exploring the implications of the new EU IVD Regulation. Two of our mechanical engineers, Brennan and Matt, take a look at the similarities between medical devices (specifically inhalers) and luxury watch mechanisms, while Thomas discusses root cause analysis. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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