Creating the market-leading circulation booster product range


Creating a clearly differentiated next-generation product to retain REVITIVE’s market-leading status.


After an in-depth analysis and understanding of the product’s requirements, we simplified the usability of the product and increased functionality.


An award-winning product family featuring three models, each with new features and designs, reaffirming its market-leading position.

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Project background


Actegy Health came to Team Consulting to design the next generation of their commercially successful REVITIVE Circulation Booster product range. The project required us to create a suite of products that would improve and develop upon their existing product offering.

Team and Actegy had previously worked together to create two predecessors, the REVITIVE LV and REVITIVE IX Circulation Boosters, which were both winners of Red Dot Design Awards in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

REVITIVE Circulation Booster is an approved Class IIa medical device that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to increase blood circulation in the lower legs and feet, encouraging users to manage their condition and prevent leg health deterioration.


Our approach

We met with stakeholders at Actegy to better understand the technical, regulatory, commercial and user challenges and agree a product road map.

It was important to help Actegy communicate the benefits of the new offering at a glance. When we developed the aesthetics of this next-generation product, we made sure to retain the DNA of its predecessors, whilst clearly differentiating it from other products in the range.

Paul Greenhalgh, User Experience and Innovation Director, Team Consulting

Following an analysis of competing products and working with Actegy’s key opinion leaders and academic teams, we were able to fully understand the market and the requirements of the product. The previous versions, REVITIVE LV and IX, needed to be superseded by a more cohesive product family of three products that would address different user needs to broaden market penetration.

By simplifying the REVITIVE interface and updating its aesthetic treatment in line with recent consumer trends, we were able to further develop the product’s existing clear visual. Our design work made sure to retain the simple iconic form and color palette which had become synonymous with the successful REVITIVE products.


We implemented greater functionality to improve the user experience of the product, such as different intensity levels, an improved IsoRocker™, remote controls, timers and functionality which opened up new therapy areas. All REVITIVE products within the range would become even easier to understand and use and offer quality through design.

With three different products in the family, users would be able to choose the product that best addressed their needs. Each product was designed with specific user groups in mind.

One key feature which was important to all three models was portability. By providing large handles and fitted rechargeable batteries, the REVITIVE range was now more convenient and usable. Another feature was the improved IsoRocker™, which allows for a greater range of ankle joint movement. The enhanced rocking action could better replicate heel-toe raises as the leg muscles contract and relax, without placing undue pressure on the legs and feet while improving blood flow.


The result is a new REVITIVE product family: Regular, Advanced and Medic. These three products improve on both the device’s look and feel with their exceptionally clear and simple visual style, while offering new and improved features to cement REVITIVE’s market-leading status.


REVITIVE is now available through 6,000 pharmacies, other stores around the world and over 1 million people have bought the REVITIVE Circulation Booster. In the United Kingdom, the REVITIVE range is available in Boots and Lloyds pharmacies, as well as through Argos and Amazon.

Team and Actegy partnership

After winning a Red Dot design award in both 2012 and 2013, Team and Actegy were proud to announce that the flagship product in the new REVITIVE range, the REVITIVE Medic, won a 2016 Red Dot Design Award.

The Red Dot Design Awards are a renowned symbol of excellence in product design around the world.


In partnership with Team Consulting, REVITIVE Circulation Booster maintains its category champion status. Team put just as much effort into the technology you can’t see as the features you can. Now with three Red Dot Awards to the REVITIVE-Team partnership, it’s testimony to a winning formula.

Josh Penny, CEO, Actegy Health

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