Digital UX/UI

Your digital healthcare product will likely sit on the same platform as the most established social media, ecommerce, and entertainment apps, so achieving an optimal user experience is critical.

Our cross-functional teams ensure your product has the quality of experience that users have come to expect from the best digital products, with the rigor of design for patient safety and regulated medical device development. Coupling meticulous healthcare UX methodologies with elegant visual design allows our medical UX consultants to help clients develop seamless and intuitive interfaces, enhance usability and system performance and subtly encourage behaviors to delight your users and solve real problems.


UX/UI design

Whether you need a simple prototype for a product demonstration or a fully documented and specified system that meets regulatory requirements, we design the right digital solution for your needs.



UX review and optimization

Do you have a product in development or already on the market? We provide an independent review to challenge and optimize your solution. Our UX consultants take into account user experience, accessibility, performance and user behavior.



Connected devices

Our user experience consultant team supports clients to develop both physical devices and digital assets for connected systems, creating optimal design solutions for embedded hardware systems, connected devices and mobile apps.



Behavior design

We apply behavior design methods to help you understand your users’ specific needs, behaviors, motivations and expectations, to deliver a robust UX strategy for your product.


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