Assembly and test rigs

Creating test rigs allows us to understand and optimize your device’s performance and ultimately support you with formal verification. Assembly rigs help us build multiple devices and calibrate them where required so that your device can be assembled repeatably and reliably.

Test rigs

We support you through each stage of your product development cycle by building bespoke test rigs and equipment where necessary.

Test rigs help identify your device challenges: how much force might the user need to apply to your device? How long is drug delivery time and how much might it vary? How far will fluid travel in a microfluidic channel?

We identify the parameters that influence your device’s performance and build custom test rigs to find answers, characterize the system and optimize your design. Test rigs allow us to test your design before committing to expensive tooling.

Our engineers can also integrate off-the-shelf modules into bespoke test rigs, such as load cells, laser measurement and vision capture systems. Taking this approach enables us to put your device through thousands of tests and gather large volumes of data to give early indications of performance.

Testing for industrialization

We develop and validate test methods and support specification, procurement and commissioning of automated test equipment. This allows high-throughput testing of your device during industrialization and scale-up to ensure the internal mechanism of your device functions correctly.

Assembly rigs

Our mechanical engineers can develop, build and commission rigs and fixtures to assemble your device repeatably and reliably.

From simple hand-operated fixtures (3D printed in-house) to automated systems manufactured by our suppliers, our assembly rigs enable safe, repeatable serial production throughout your device’s development. These rigs are often used to prepare for significant test programs and investigations requiring many devices and consumables.

Knowledge gained from developing these assembly tools ensures your medical device’s design is suitable for manufacture, scale-up and assembly.


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