Software systems

Are you looking to develop embedded firmware, a smartphone app or a desktop application for your medical device? Our experienced group of software engineers can help with the design and development of your software to the highest quality standards. We have the expertise and knowledge to create safe, effective and cyber-secure applications to meet your requirements. Using automated software testing as part of the development process, we can perform continuous regression testing to identify potential problems as early as possible.

Our software engineers work closely together with our electronics, mechanical, applied science, design and user experience teams. The combination of these skills helps you develop active, intelligent devices using agile practices adjusted to the needs of your medical device development.


Medical software

Whether you are looking to build an app or embed software into your product, we work with you to ensure your software is of the highest quality and developed to the latest regulatory standards.



Automated software systems

Automated testing allows for a faster software development process and removes the need for manual tests.




Starting your next project or reviewing your system’s security model? Our software consultants help you understand, manage and monitor security risks to make your medical devices more secure.



Systems engineering

Many complex medical device developments benefit from a systems engineering approach. We ensure that broader implications of design decisions are always taken into account to deliver a better product.


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