Optical systems form a critical part of many medical applications, for example, imaging devices like surgical endoscopes, sensing systems in diagnostics and many others.

One of the challenges with developing optical systems is balancing the performance needs of the device against the cost of the final solution. Our applied scientists and engineers understand the physics of optics and appreciate the complexity of integrating optical systems into medical devices. We select a solution balancing your requirements against cost and other development constraints.

Design of optical systems

Our in-depth knowledge of optical systems and physics allows us to design and develop innovative solutions for your product. These solutions are tested and refined on an optical bench to demonstrate that they provide the performance you need and to give you confidence to move your project forward.

Prototyping optics systems

We have capabilities both in-house and within our network of approved suppliers to provide you with fully functioning prototypes of your optical solutions. This allows us to put the design solutions in your hands early in the device’s development to prove the technology and de-risk the project.


For example, when working with hand-held devices and imaging systems, early prototyping of concept solutions allows us to quickly produce ‘works-like’ devices. These devices are suitable for both functional bench-top evaluation and to gain early clinical feedback from users and key opinion leaders. Putting a functional device in the hands of users provides powerful and valuable feedback about your device, allowing us to make iterative adjustments and prove its core capability early in the development process.

Design for manufacture

When developing optical systems, there is always a balance to be found between integrating high-precision optical systems into your device and manufacturing low-cost or disposable devices. At Team, we have a strong focus on design for manufacture from the very start of your product development. Our designers and engineers work closely with our optical experts to capture and refine the functional requirements of your device. We make sure that the design compromises are understood from the outset of a project and can be translated into realistic production solutions.

Optics verification and test systems

Whether investigating first principles or formally verifying your medical device, our applied scientists can develop novel optical techniques to test your product. Our solutions have ranged from sensors that facilitate automation for high-throughput testing to systems that measure critical variables at high precision.

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Our expertise in optics in medical technology includes:

  • Creating sensing systems such as diagnostic measurements, analysis systems and verification rigs
  • Imaging, e.g. acquisition and analysis
  • Optics development including design, prototyping, transfer to manufacture

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