Sustainability engineering

To develop sustainable medical devices, it is essential to challenge the way they are designed and manufactured to consider the whole value and supply chain. The goal is to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and reduce waste. Understanding the role we play in combating climate change is paramount to our business and our device developers are inspired to help you find sustainable solutions.

Sustainable design & development guidance

Whether you would like to experiment with off-the-shelf solutions already available or need a novel approach to your development, we can optimize your design and minimize the environmental impact of your devices.

Our teams can work with you to design your device to optimize recyclability, incorporate renewable materials, support you with sustainable manufacturing, modular design and design for a circular economy. We have the knowledge to guide and inform strategic decisions to best mitigate your device’s impact on the environment.

Evaluating your device’s carbon footprint

Assessing the carbon footprint and environmental impact involved in the production, transportation and use of your device and its packaging is important to provide insight on optimization for sustainable design.


Our teams of designers and engineers use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to your product, through all stages of its life cycle.

Like many analytical tools, the best insight gained is dependent on how well it is used. Making valid assumptions, understanding the calculations and assessing the most relevant solutions not only requires knowledge of the tool but also of your device and its context of use.

A coherent environmental impact assessment extends to include factors that help us understand the broader impact of your device, such as:

  • Avoidance of hazardous or toxic materials
  • Design for sustainable disposal
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices and logistics

Medical device development is one piece of a big puzzle. We’re ready to work with you and collaborate with others in the value and supply chain to help you make sustainable design decisions while ensuring regulatory and quality standards compliance.

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