Workshop facilitation

Our experienced facilitators help you bring together and align diverse teams in a variety of scenarios. Face to face or remote, our experts collaborate with you to plan and prepare an effective and engaging workshop that meets your needs and objectives and progresses you toward your end goal with everyone on board.

Setting you on the right path for your device

Bringing together different viewpoints can be a challenge. Our team works closely with your diverse stakeholder groups through strategic workshops. These workshops help us understand your needs and aspirations, share knowledge and agree on objectives. Whether your project is a device development, an opportunity to expand your portfolio, to provide an enhanced service or even to communicate better internally, we set you on the right path for your innovation program.

Facilitating strategic decisions

Looking to decide whether to develop a connected product? Are you wanting to acquire new technology? Or are you looking to select the most appropriate formulation for your patient group? Our experts help you set a strategic direction. We explore technical, user, and commercial inputs and constraints to make sense of how these elements interact. We present our findings in a clear and accessible format to help you make an informed decision on how to progress.

Defining requirements

Looking to define the requirements for your next product? Our team explores and captures the known technical, user, and commercial requirements from your diverse stakeholders. We ensure everyone contributes and manages those situations where people don’t agree. Using strategic tools and techniques, we facilitate prioritization of these requirements and identify where further information is needed to finalize your product criteria.

Identifying knowledge gaps

In the early stages of development, it’s likely that you haven’t yet obtained all the information needed to progress your device with confidence. Our experts work with you to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between diverse stakeholders and identify any gaps that need addressing. Whatever your challenges and requirements, our team can structure a program of research tailored to your needs, to give you the evidence and confidence to help you move forward.


Innovation workshops

Do you have the creative brains in-house but don’t know how to get the best ideas from them? Do you have an idea that’s not necessarily device-related? We have experience planning and facilitating innovation sessions with teams across the world, on a wide range of briefs from portfolio expansion to innovating new service offerings.

If you need help facilitating your next collaborative innovation program, please get in touch.


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