Instructions for use (IFU)

When using a new device, many users do not read instructions thoroughly. Our IFU medical device experts develop information design solutions to make the onboarding process easier for your user. Whether you require a 100-page user manual or a four-step quick reference guide (QRG), we combine our skills in ergonomics, graphics and information design to deliver the best solution.

Setting the foundations

From the outset, our human factors experts undertake analytical work to identify potential use errors and their root causes. We work with you to define the key user steps for your device and establish the best combination of images and text to encourage correct use.


A picture tells a thousand words

Where images are required, we develop an illustrative style that is simple and clean, which complements the accompanying text. Illustrations are often drawn from the user’s perspective to aid orientation, while the considered use of color and line weight draws attention to relevant features.

Format and layout

Our IFU medical device experts will choose a format of instructions that meets your needs (e.g., concertina, booklet, gatefold, etc.) by considering the information to be communicated, the placement within the pack, the user and the environment of use.

We establish a clear hierarchy of information to aid navigation and reduce visual clutter by clustering information and making careful use of typography, color and white space.


Human factors testing

Your solution is refined through a rapid iterative process of prototyping and human factors testing. We remain mindful of regulatory medical device IFU requirements and ensure we build a solid body of evidence to justify design decisions and support your regulatory submissions.

Beyond paper instructions for use

In addition to paper instructions for use, we consider how the wider ecosystem of packaging, labeling, interactive content and digital applications can be leveraged to further aid comprehension.

Our capabilities

We deliver solutions across a broad range of instructional and training materials. We can work within your existing brand guidelines or develop a bespoke design language for implementation across your printed and digital assets, providing print-ready artwork ready for production:

  • Printed IFUs
  • Quick reference guides (QRG)
  • Onboard instructions / integrated with packaging
  • Fully animated interactive digital instructions
  • User manuals
  • Video training aids

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