Front end innovation

A key factor to successful front end innovation is understanding your customers’ needs, motivations and behaviors. But to maximize your chance of success, you also need to consider your commercial aspirations, where your product fits in the competitive landscape, what constraints are introduced by your technology and more importantly, how you will navigate the regulatory landscape.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the medical device industry and using a broad range of innovative tools, we help you challenge your preconceptions and inspire you to push the boundaries of device development. We ask the right questions to the right people and provide you with ‘reasons to believe’ in the ideas we create together.


Workshop facilitation

Our skilled facilitators bring diverse teams of stakeholders together to answer your key front end innovation questions. We help you share knowledge internally, agree on objectives and identify areas where further research is required to determine your requirements, aspirations and strategy.



Customer insights research

Our research specialists use a variety of face-to-face and remote research tools to gather contextual information, gain rich market insights and get feedback on early ideas.



Market analysis

Our analysts and front end innovation specialists help you explore the current and future competitive landscape to help you define an optimal market position.



Technology landscaping

We help you define your requirements and identify and assess technologies that meet your specific needs – considering factors such as technical readiness, commercial viability and likely market acceptance.



Rapid ideation

We work closely with your team to ideate, prototype and test your early ideas. Using an extensive front end innovation toolkit, we look at problems from different angles and explore the whole product opportunity space.


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