Digital health

Our digital health technology experts support Pharma and MedTech companies on everything from digital ecosystem development and digital therapeutics to patient experience and engagement. We support our clients to design and build digital health solutions that naturally elicit adoption and behavior change to improve patient outcomes.

Designing simple and elegant solutions to complex challenges

Based on over 35 years of cutting-edge medical device research and development, we understand patient needs across a wide range of conditions and treatments. Our process focuses on delivering high quality, high value products, combining technical rigor with design excellence to solve your complex healthcare challenges.

Combined digital health expertise

We bring combined expertise in user experience, behavior design, human factors and software development to ensure that your digital product enters the market securely and safely, with proven efficacy and the optimal user experience.

From product strategy and vision, through UX research, concept development, prototyping, specification and software development, we collaborate closely with your product teams and other key project stakeholders.

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Digital ecosystem development

We develop physical and digital devices together with software components for your connected digital systems including mobile and web applications, device connectivity and cloud deployment to form one cohesive solution compliant with international standards.

We put great emphasis on keeping user-centered design and user experience at the core of your project, while ensuring usability, data security and data privacy to build trust and adoption.


Behavior design to create the best user experience

We apply behavior design methods to translate a nuanced understanding of the users’ specific needs, behaviors, motivations and expectations into a robust UX strategy for your digital health solutions. This ensures that the product’s structure, features and design are optimized to achieve the desired outcomes for users.


Award-winning digital design

We are proud to have been recognized for excellence in digital UX with awards from Good Design, IF Design Awards and UX Design Awards.

Working across the digital health technology ecosystem

From data-driven health support to connected systems that address real user needs, we provide transformative solutions for patients and healthcare professionals worldwide. We work across the digital health technology ecosystem and can assist you with:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
Behavior design
Cloud solutions
Connected devices and digital ecosystems
Insight and strategy
Mobile development (iOS and Android)
Regulatory compliance
Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)
Usability and human factors engineering
User experience (UX) design
User interface (UI) design
Web development

Meet one of our digital health solutions experts

Ben Cox is Head of Digital Health, working with strategists, designers, user experience specialists and developers to craft intuitive interfaces and optimize the UX of digital devices. With a background in human factors and user-centered design, Ben focuses on evidence-based UX from product vision to the deployment of high-value solutions.

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We are entering a data-driven health era. Digital technologies are ever-present and as designers and developers, we strive to help our clients ensure their products and services address genuine unmet needs and ultimately achieve better patient outcomes.

Ben Cox, Head of Digital Health, Team Consulting

Team helped Bespak by Recipharm add connectivity to their auto-injector


We developed a proof-of-concept connected module that fits inside the rear cap of Bespak by Recipharm’s existing auto-injector. The connected module was created together with an iOS application, cloud database and web portal. The innovative work allows for the collection of valuable user insight to encourage patient adherence and provide a supportive user experience.

Team Consulting understood our requirements to embody connectivity in a way that would be flexible in its usage and minimally invasive to the existing device functionality. They were able to rapidly deliver a connected demonstrator system to support stakeholder engagement to understand and validate needs.

Bespak by Recipharm

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