Connected devices

Connected health solutions are progressing rapidly and can provide valuable data on your device’s use and added functionality. Whether you want to add connectivity to an existing platform or develop a solution from scratch, our digital and physical UX experts create holistic designs for embedded hardware systems, connected devices and mobile apps.

Medical apps

We design and develop iOS and Android apps to work with your connected medical device and meet your users’ needs. You may require a digital companion to ensure users adhere to a treatment regime, or a simple app to relay the most important data to users or healthcare providers. Whatever your requirements, our designers can work with you to craft the right solution.

Onboarding users

For a successfully connected system, it’s important that your user experience is robust and seamless, with minimized set-up steps to ease the burden on your user. Good onboarding is critical, so we help you find the best way to get users set up and introduced to your product.

Encouraging repeated use

Your healthcare app will be viewed alongside other leading consumer apps, so user expectations are high. Our design team works to find simple but effective methods to encourage users to continue using your system. We carefully consider how your system operates among other apps and devices your users may regularly encounter.

Cost-effective prototyping and simulations

Using low-cost development technologies and prototyping techniques allows us to rapidly develop connected medical device concepts and evaluate the functionality of different devices and use cases.

System design

Collaborating with all stakeholders allows us to consider the entire medical system from the project outset, including hardware design, connectivity options and data security. When you require a fully customized system, we design and build this to provide an optimal user experience, while still adhering to regulatory requirements.

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