Facilities and labs

Your medical devices are designed and developed in our high-tech labs and workshops, complemented by creative and collaborative spaces where your ideas can flourish.

Specialist, compliant and flexible

Our facilities deliver the right balance between specialization and flexibility to ensure they are right for your project. Examples of our specialist facilities are:

  • two controlled environment rooms for tight control of temperature and humidity. These rooms meet the stringent requirements of ISO 20072 for Aerosol Drug Delivery Device testing.
  • electronics labs with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) controls and test equipment help us support electronics product development.
  • dedicated lab and procedures enabling us to operate to biological containment level 3.
  • bespoke containment solutions for handling and testing drug formulations, inhaled or parenteral.

sq. ft. of lab and workshop space


focused on medical


DVT programmes since 2016

Network of trusted suppliers

We augment our in-house test capabilities with a network of trusted specialist partners for easy access to industry-leading expertise, while Team remains your single point of contact. Our partners help us support our projects with:

  • aerosol drug delivery testing (e.g. aerosol particle size distribution, aerosol characterisation)
  • drug product analysis
  • metrology
  • CT scanning
  • accelerated and real-time ageing
  • shipping simulation (e.g. ISTA / ASTM / MIL)
  • full EMC testing

Capable workshops

Using either our on-site capabilities or our trusted fabricators, we prototype early-stage device concepts to get products into the hands of designers, engineers and users as soon as we can. We are able to build test jigs and fixtures to evaluate device performance and functions.


Collaborative spaces

To help us find solutions, we actively bring together a mix of mindsets to share ideas, discuss options and dissect challenges in both virtual and physical collaborative workspaces.


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