Human factors

Our team of human factors specialists brings together 200+ combined years of experience in ergonomics, psychology, engineering, product design and communications. This diversity of expertise helps us to be pragmatic in our assessments and recommendations while bringing clarity of vision to our partnerships.

From identifying user needs to improving user experience, we have developed a toolkit for assessing and optimizing the user interface. We help you plan your human factors pathway from day one of your development to meet the requirements of a highly regulated industry.

Making products that are safer, easier and loved by their users – that’s what we’ve done for our clients over the last 20 years, and they keep coming back.


Design research

From contextual inquiry to ethnographic research, we use design research techniques to fully understand your users’ needs and make them a cornerstone of our work.



Human factors analysis

Working with you to progress your project without leaving our desks – leveraging 200+ years of our ergonomics expertise for expert review or strategic advice.



User studies

From quick, iterative, early exploratory and formative studies to later-stage pre-summative assessments, we study the strengths and weaknesses of your device’s design and work with you to improve it. We specialize in rigorous validation studies to ensure your design is safe and effective.



Information design

Labeling, IFUs, packaging, virtual interactions or training – we take a holistic, user-led approach underpinned by knowledge of regulatory requirements.



Human factors in-clinic studies

We’re experienced in working in situ with clinical trial teams to run human factors in-clinical studies to meet regulatory requirements.


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