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The way we work

100% medical

Design, engineering and human factors

Recognised experts and trusted partner

Designing award-winning medical devices – that’s what we’ve done for our clients for over 35 years. We solve your problems at any stage of the medical device development process. We work with large pharmaceutical companies to new start-ups. Team Consulting is a fee-for-service medical device consultancy.

Our process

<p>Requirements definition</p>

Requirements definition

To help you make the right decisions early on, we'll assess your user requirements and technical constraints, researching the feasibility of your idea to create an initial design brief.

<p>Concept generation</p>

Concept generation

It's time to get visual. Our front-end innovation experts will help you visualize your design concepts before testing them with actual users.

<p>Proof of principle</p>

Proof of principle

To save you time and money, it's important to test your concept before you cut metal. Using high-tech simulations, modeling, testing and more, we'll make sure your design meets regulatory standards.

<p>Detailed design</p>

Detailed design

Next, we'll transform your concept into a refined prototype that meets its requirements, working across applied science, digital design, electronics, human factors, ergonomics, mechanical engineering, software, UX/UI and more.

<p>Pilot manufacture/DVT</p>

Pilot manufacture/DVT

Once we've reviewed your design, it's time for rigorous design verification testing and human factors studies. Following that, we'll help you prepare for pilot manufacture.



Congratulations, your medical device is now fully functioning and ready for clinical trials, manufacturing and launch into the market. Our team will help you through each stage of this final production process, from test equipment to process validation.

ISO 13485 certified

While we employ our own thorough quality systems, we are also used to working with clients’ systems when required. We are regularly audited by a number of our large pharmaceutical clients as part of our ongoing working relationships.

Download our ISO certificate here

What makes us different?

Deep industry knowledge for a highly regulated sector

From the beginning of a project we think about how we can help our clients successfully navigate the regulatory process.

Many of our systems are risk-based so we can identify potential issues and ensure that we provide the evidence required by regulators.

A dedicated focus on quality, process and systems

Our attention to detail, processes and systems give our clients confidence and the knowledge that we will deliver the best possible outcome.

We adhere to strict industry standards and the procedures expected by our clients.

Creativity underpinned by effective project management

Our project management team keeps complex projects on track.

With backgrounds in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, design, engineering and science, our comprehensive knowledge base deliver the right support for every project and every client.

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