Development of an 80IU variable dose injection device

Haselmeier Axis-D Pen System

Create a variable dose insulin pen that built on client’s existing brand identity, and increased the maximum dosage capacity from 60IU to 80UI

Worked closely with client team to define the look and feel of the device based on user insights, as well as ensuring the device was robust and suitable for industrialisation. 

Produced an elegant, functional and cost-effective device solution for our client, as well as developing product packaging and IFU.


Haselmeier GmbH, a leading manufacturer of self-administered injection devices, came to Team to make use of our broad in-house capabilities and expertise in parenteral drug delivery device development. Starting with a prototyped injection device, Haselmeier needed a partner to help take its idea from concept to manufacture.

Haselmeier wanted an easy-to-use and robust insulin pen that built upon their existing brand identity. Their new device, named Axis-D, needed to increase capacity from a maximum dosage of 60IU to 80IU. The pen needed to anticipate changes in market demand and this increased dosage would allow a broader usage. In combination with this, Haselmeier required a device that was ready for automated manufacture of millions of units, yet still easily customisable for their future licensees.

“In this project, all aspects of the Axis-D were carefully planned and discussed, from the feel of the mechanical click feedback to lowering the injection force, and from the material selection to the mechanical detail of internal bearings and surface frictions to plunger movement across temperature variants.” Oliver Harvey, Senior Engineering Consultant

One of the challenges with this project was to create a device that tackled some of the issues that users encountered with other disposable pen injectors, and develop a commercially successful device at the right price point.  

Our approach

Throughout the project we worked in partnership with Haselmeier and became an extension to their team. Working with their prototype, we defined the look and feel of the pen based on user insights, and our design guidelines made sure that a brand identity for Haselmeier fit with their desires.

The straight, cylindrical form and black dial were consistent with existing pens in Haselmeier’s range, and further design decisions aimed to position the device as an elegant and robust device that all users could use with ease.

variable dose insulin injection device

Our designers and engineers worked in collaboration on Axis-D, ensuring that the complex internal engineering work fit within the desired size limit of the device.

Our engineering test phase included a range of activities to ensure the pen’s robustness, as well as its suitability for industrialisation. We undertook tolerance analysis, finite element analysis (FEA) and risk assessment, including user and product failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA).

Having identified a manufacturing partner early on in the project, we were able to work closely with them to optimise the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA), reducing press times and streamlining assembly operation and to deliver a successful cost per unit for their high-volume automated manufacturing needs.

During design testing, we found a number of key use scenarios that helped evolve aspects of the design. For example, we found that some injector pens rolled off flat surfaces after taking the cap off. A raised dose window was designed into the device to ensure this usage scenario was eliminated. The protruding clip on the removable cap was designed to feature the same visual aesthetic as the dose window. Together these both act as important anti-roll features, ready for injection.

variable dose insulin injector device

The outcome

Axis-D is an elegant and easy-to-use disposable, variable dose injection device designed for use with a 3ml cartridge for Haselmeier’s pharmaceutical licensees. Alongside the device development, we also designed example product packaging and IFU documentation. The customisation options were developed to support the needs of Haselmeier’s clients.

Our multi-disciplined approach ensured that Haselmeier could enter the market with a well-rounded and cost-effective insulin pen that could be marketed to potential pharmaceutical licensees.

variable dose insulin injection device

Axis-D is an elegant and easy-to-use disposable, variable dose injection device designed for use with a 3ml cartridge. Its labelling can be highly customised and it features example product packaging and IFU documentation.

In 2014, Axis-D was awarded a prestigious Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

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