rendering of blister pack design
Drug delivery

Novel blister primary pack development

Industrialisation of a breath-actuated inhaler
Drug delivery

Industrialisation of a
breath-actuated inhaler

Smart ear otoscope and accompanying phone on a turquoise background

Small batch manufacture of a medical device


Bespoke trolley for liver perfusion device

hand held diagnostic instrument

Transforming diagnostics

multiple devices displaying cloud connections

Enabling cloud connectivity for a diagnostic device

catheter infection prevention device with tubing

Preventing catheter caused infections

person lifting clothing to show catheter connector

Catheter development for a start-up

person wearing patch pump
Drug delivery

Wearable patch pump
for continuous drug delivery

screen with coding and diagnostics devices displayed behind it

Software automated testing
for a PoC diagnostic device

rendering of inhaler and single dose blister pack
Drug delivery

Inhaler for users with limited manual dexterity

graphic of CE mark stamp

CE marking a medical device

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