Advanced wound care product development

Chronic wound management

To develop a chronic wound care system product, embodying Microarray’s active technology, which would have outstanding usability for patients and care givers and which could be manufactured in high volume and at low cost.

We worked with Microarray to define the user and products requirement and used them to guide the creation of a series of potential product concepts. These were worked up and used to select a preferred product embodiment with feedback from the market.

A product design which was ready to enter formal usability assessments and transfer into pilot manufacture.

A leading player in advanced wound management commissioned Team to help develop their new product for managing chronic wounds.

Chronic wound management

The patented technology was able to deliver novel therapy to promote wound healing and also provided real-time diagnostic feedback about the condition of the wound bed. The technology had been demonstrated in a pre-clinical setting but needed it translating into a product which could be manufactured cost effectively and at scale.

It was essential to design a product which was intuitive to use, safe to be body worn and which would fit with the work flow of clinicians.


Concept generation

Team has in-depth experience of developing advanced wound management products in terms of technology, clinical practice and transfer to manufacture.

We drew upon this experience to create a series of potential product concepts which were worked up and explored with the before selecting a design to take forward into usability assessments, design and development.


We paid particularly close attention to the connection between the device and dressing to ensure that there was minimal risk of creating pressure points on the patient’s skin.

We also developed some unique design features to help care givers fit the dressing to different locations and manage the variable length of connection between device and dressing.