As Team’s Head of Project Management, Stella is responsible for the management, planning and delivery of large, complex and/or multidisciplinary projects. She brings particular experience in the implementation of large software systems and applications in addition to delivery of web and mobile-based services. Stella also has an interest in drug safety and the risk management of medicinal products in routine clinical practice.

“I really enjoy the opportunity to add ideas and experience – gathered from a diverse range of previous roles in technology research and strategy consulting – into ‘the mix’ during the course of a project. Working with colleagues to develop and deliver innovative, pragmatic and robust medical devices which improve people’s quality of life remains the highlight for me.”

Stella has worked in several technology consulting and product companies. Before joining Team she most recently worked at pharma consultancy, Pope Woodhead & Associates, where she was responsible for operations and informatics. She also worked in the development consulting practice, focusing on drug safety, risk management, regulatory, epidemiology and post-authorisation safety study design projects for pharma clients.

Stella is an honorary lecturer at The Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge. She has a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London; an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge; and has had papers published in a range of journals, including Infrared Physics, Drug Safety, Commercial Biotechnology and Product Innovation Management.