As QA Director, Sarah is tasked to lead the strategic development of the Quality Assurance Function. The overall objective of her role is to help underpin Team Consulting’s reputation as a “best-in-class” provider of a broad range of medical device development services.

Sarah’s responsibilities therefore include ensuring compliance of our Quality Management System (QMS) to applicable regulatory standards, along with driving the culture of quality within Team. Her role involves making sure all employees and contractors are committed to and understand the importance of compliance to the QMS, in particular to the ISO13485:2016 standard. She is also charged with demonstrating Team’s excellence to clients with respect to quality in a number of ways, including audits. Sarah ensures the continuous improvement of our QMS to meet evolving client needs and changes in regulation.

“I have two passions: compliance and people. As such I see a critical part of my role is to make sure the QMS is fit for purpose for everyone working at Team, and in line with regulations and standards.”

“My natural curiosity and scientific background mean I really enjoy working in a creative environment, so being a co-owner at Team is a real privilege for me.”

Sarah has degrees in Biochemistry and Pharmacology, a PhD in Neuroscience, and is a qualified NLP coach. Following her first postdoc she decided to move into industry work, working at Abcam when it was a start-up. As the company grew, she moved from scientific roles into people and project management roles. While there she set up the company’s QMS and has since held leadership compliance roles in the pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostics industry, before joining Team in 2019. She also supports other compliance activities at Team including acting as Team’s Data Protection Coordinator.